Discover the Secrets to Aging More Gracefully

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Would you like to age more enthusiastically?

Yoga is proven to help you put more life in your years.

Improve your mood, focus and overall energy levels

Clear out those energy blocks and feel more alive

Relieve aches, stiffness and back pains

Start reducing your bodily pains, Gain a more fluid mobility and a over all sensation of  well being

There Has Never Been a Time Like Right Now!
At Last, an Easy Way to Do Yoga at Home.
It's Your Time to Learn the Truth of How to Live a Better Lifestyle with Yoga and Live the Life You've Always Dreamed About.

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Physical DVD Series

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“Thanks so much Al!! I have just known yoga for 2 months but I realize that it is the best friend i have ever had!. Thanks so much, once again for giving not only me but also hundreds of people this gift  ! I couldn’t be happier with the expertise. Its  surpassed all of my expectations ”
Namaste Tran 


Yoga DVD and the Art Of Aging Part 1

Yoga and the Art Of Aging Disc 1

In this session we focus on building a stable core which, will help relieve lower back pain, strengthen weak abdominal and pelvic floor muscles while cultivating presence and stability.

Yoga DVD and the Art Of Aging Part 2

Yoga and the Art Of Aging Disc 2

In this session we focus on increasing flexibility and stability in this region, which will decrease the risk of hip replacements from osteoarthritis or falls while cultivating creativity and sensuality.

Yoga DVD and the Art Of Aging Part 3

Yoga and the Art Of Aging Disc 3

In this session we focus on a practise that will build lean muscle mass which, will increase the function of the digestive system, improving vitality and cultivating empowerment and enthusiasm.

Yoga DVD and the Art Of Aging Part 4

Yoga and the Art Of Aging Disc 4

In this session we focus on increasing lung capacity and strengthening the heart while cultivating joy and compassion.



Yoga DVD and the Art Of Aging Part 5

Yoga and the Art Of Aging Disc 5

In this session we focus on improving healthy thyroid function which will balance energy levels and emotions while cultivating self expression.

Yoga DVD & the Art Of Aging Part 6 & 7

Yoga and the Art Of Aging Disc 6

In this session we focus on dristi gazing during postures, which will improve eyesight and spatial awareness while cultivating insight and intuition.


In this last session we turn inwards to quieten the mind and nervous system, which will improve memory and clarity of mind while cultivating inner peace and wisdom.

“ I have to say that the video did work out in both of the versions very well. Thanks a lot for the great offer to watch this video in such a high quality. Unfortunately there are only few of them around, which are made this precisely”


“Thanks so much. I’m looking at getting back into the practice – much easier at home than having to go to classes! ”
Sincerely, Yvonne, 


“dear al, just to send you my gratitude and blessings from the heart. since a while i am working with your 23 postures of yoga which i totally ENJOY. searching for the right yoga lesson (there are soooo many different teachers with a totally different focus...) several times i thought i want you to say THANK YOU for the wonderful session :-)

namasté jennifer Jennifer Hofmann, M.A. Medical Anthropologist ”




This 7 week Yoga Video series is designed to help you progress into and through your wiser years with greater, sense of well being, strength of body, and peace of mind. You will feel better and you will ultimately experience a more enthusiastic and artful grace to aging. Namaste

The Complete 6 Disk DVD Yoga Video Series ~Yoga and The Art Of Aging ~

Note:  This Yoga  video series is for those that are fitter or had some experience with yoga.  Beginners please try  for the 99 cent 28 day offer. Not suitable for seniors 

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Your stomach lining is replaced every five days, while your skin is retread every six weeks. 98% of your self is completely replaced in one year. So why then do we age? No body really knows the answer to that question. We do know that for thousands of years yoga has been used as a tool to balance the body and mind, thus retarding the aging process and bringing optimal health to all those who practise it regularly. In each session you will learn about a certain aspect of health that is directly affected by the aging process. You will then be shown a clear and easy to follow yoga routine with modifications for all levels of fitness that will balance and strengthen these health issue

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Do You Want To Age More Gracefully?

Presenting Yoga and The Art Of Aging - 6 DVD Series
Sarsha takes guides a yoga series to aid the aging process.  
These Yoga DVD's (7 part series) will be a great one for the collection.

"Thankyou... this is the first time I have seen your video. I enjoyed very much...I like others too...what is brilliant about yours...the shavasana is delightful enough to rest and relax. super strong asanas, I am a teacher and there are days when this level is wonderful and suits me fine. "

Phyllis Holmes Yoga Teacher

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